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what to wear for airsoft

What to Wear for Airsoft? Complete Airsoft Clothing Guide

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Airsoft is a fun and exciting sport, but it’s important to dress appropriately so that you can enjoy yourself safely. Not dressing appropriately can lead to discomfort and even injuries.

We will cover everything from clothes to shoes to accessories. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, read on for the best advice on what to wear for airsoft!

Why Is Wearing the Right Clothes for Airsoft Important?

When playing airsoft, it’s important that you wear the right clothes. Airsoft is a high-intensity activity, and the wrong clothes can leave you uncomfortable and well airsoft BBs can hurt if you are wearing the wrong clothes.

Wearing the right kind of clothing can also protect your skin from irritation and help keep you cool during intense games.

  • The right clothing helps to protect your skin from being hit by BBs.Wearing
  • It helps prevent you from getting too hot or too cold.
  • It helps camouflage you from your opponents.
  • It improves your comfort level while you are playing.

What to Wear for Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that requires both physical and mental dexterity. As such, it is important to wear clothing that will not only protect your body from BB pellets but also allow you to move freely and stay cool and it can even give you a tactical advantage on the field.

Overall you should wear long-sleeved tops and long pants made of a lightweight material such as cotton or polyester. This will help to protect your skin from BBs and keep you cool.

When thinking about what clothes to wear for airsoft, you should also consider what type of airsoft game you are playing. For example, If you’re playing MilSim games, it’s important to wear full camouflage attire, like military-style fatigues. This will help you blend in with your surroundings and give you a better chance of not being spotted by your opponents.

But if you’re playing a casual game, it’s not really necessary to wear camouflage or specific tactical clothing because of the nature of the game. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, as long as it provides enough protection and it’s not too restrictive.

Also don’t forget about protective gear such as goggles, face masks, helmets, and gloves. Wearing these items can help to protect your head, eyes, and hands from BBs and other hazards.

But let’s take a closer look at what clothing, accessories, and protective gear to wear for airsoft and what to consider when choosing them.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is essential for airsoft and should not be forgotten. Goggles, face masks, helmets, gloves, and knee/elbow pads are all important pieces of protective gear that you should wear.

Goggles and face masks will help to protect your eyes and face from BBs and other debris, while helmets help to protect your head from impacts.

A full-face mask is recommended for more intense games, while a half-face mask or goggles will suffice for casual games. Some games also require wearing ear protection.

Knee and elbow pads are also a good idea because they help to protect your joints from impacts and falls.


A good pair of gloves is essential for airsoft. Gloves help to protect your hands from impacts and BBs, as well as provide a better grip when handling the gun or reloading. And well they help you keep your hands warm and functional in a colder environment.

Look for gloves that are comfortable, lightweight, and provide good grip, as well as protection from impacts. It would be wise to invest in a good pair of tactical gloves, as they are designed specifically for handling a weapon and to provide the maximum level of protection.


The type of footwear you wear while playing airsoft is also very important. You need to make sure that your shoes provide good grip and support, as well as offer protection from dirt and other hazards.

Also, you should consider the environment you are playing in. If you are playing in a forest, for example, it is best to wear boots that provide good traction and protection from sharp objects such as thorns and stones. If you are playing in an indoor arena, then any comfortable shoes will do fine.

Overall you should choose shoes that are comfortable and lightweight, but still offer enough support for your feet.

For outdoor play, it’s probably best to go with high-top boots such as your classical tactical boots are a great choice, as they provide good ankle support and protection.

For indoors or more casual play, you can wear lightweight shoes, such as running shoes or sneakers.


For starters, you should wear a long-sleeved top, such as a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. The long sleeves will help to protect your skin from BBs.

Tactical shirts are also a great idea, especially if you are doing MilSim or are wearing some sort of body armor. The sleeves of tactical shirts are usually made out of a more durable and thicker material while the torso part is made out of a more breathable material, making them excellent for wearing under body armor and well, playing airsoft!

If you are playing in colder weather, then wearing layers is a good idea. A lightweight, breathable base layer, a hoodie, fleece, or a hiking/ tactical jacket will all provide good warmth and comfort.


For starters forget about shorts as they won’t provide much protection from BBs. Instead, opt for cargo pants or tactical pants as they are more durable and provide more mobility. And well they come with plenty of pockets to store your extra mags and other necessary items.

You could also wear hiking pants or even sweatpants if you prefer. The key is to find something comfortable, lightweight, durable enough for airsoft, and something that doesn’t restrict your movement.


Accessories like a scarf could be a great way to add some style and protection. A scarf can help protect your neck from BBs while helping keep you warm in colder weather.

Tactical Gear

And finally, don’t forget about tactical gear. Gear such as a battle belt, chest rig, plate carrier, or any other load-bearing equipment is great for carrying extra mags, grenades, and other necessary items.

A plate carrier or even a tactical vest is also a great way to add some extra protection from BBs.

The type of tactical gear you choose will depend on your play style. MilSim players usually prefer a plate carrier or chest rig, while CQB/ Seedsoft players tend to opt for lighter and more minimalistic gear.

What Not to Wear for Airsoft?

We have gone through why wearing the right clothing (and gear) is important for airsoft and exactly what you should wear for airsoft, but there are also some things you should avoid.

Well, let’s start with the obvious stuff first. Don’t wear shorts or a t-shirt. While airsoft BBs won’t do any real damage to you they still tend to sting (as we have mentioned quite a lot already) and clothing like a t-shirt or shorts will leave a lot of your body exposed and thus they won’t provide you any protection from the BBs.

You should also avoid restrictive clothing that will interfere with your movement. Airsoft is a high-intensity sport and you need to be able to move freely to stay on top of your game. The same goes for the opposite; you also don’t want to wear clothes that are too baggy and could potentially get caught on something.

Lastly, avoid wearing footwear that isn’t made for a more active sport such as airsoft. Obviously, you don’t want to wear flip-flops, sandals, or any other type of open-toed shoes for airsoft. Not only can these types of shoes get in the way and potentially trip you up, but they will also provide no protection from BBs.


What To Wear For Airsoft by DesertFoxAirsoft

In Conclusion

Airsoft is a fun and intense sport that requires players to be prepared. Knowing what to wear for airsoft can help you stay safe and comfortable throughout the game.

Wear long-sleeved tops and long pants to protect your skin from BBs, as well as protective gear such as eye protection, a mask for your face, and gloves. Make sure to choose footwear that covers your ankles and provides support while running and crouching.

You don’t have to wear camouflage clothing, but if you’re playing a more tactical game like MilSim, it will be beneficial.

Ultimately, choose clothing that provides enough protection and makes you feel comfortable.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

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