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What Is a Good FPS for Airsoft?

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Airsoft is a popular sport, but choosing the right gun can sometimes be daunting. A key factor in determining the effectiveness of an airsoft gun is its FPS (Feet Per Second). And thus, it’s important to know what FPS is considered good for airsoft.

Generally, the higher the FPS of an airsoft gun, the more powerful and accurate it will be. But a good FPS for airsoft depends on the type of game you are playing and where you are playing it.

For indoors play 230 to 350 FPS and for outdoors play between 380 and 400 FPS is considered good.

In this article, we will take a closer and more in-depth look at what is a good FPS for airsoft guns, what it affects, and answer some frequently asked questions about FPS for airsoft. So without much further ado, let’s get started.

What Is FPS in Airsoft?

FPS means Feet Per Second, and it’s an important measurement of speed and power when it comes to airsoft guns.

Knowing a gun’s FPS allows players to stay within the acceptable limits set by their field or event organizer. A gun with too high of an FPS can be dangerous and cause undue damage. Gun selection for games is often based on the maximum FPS allowed for that airsoft game type.

FPS is determined through chronographs which measure the exit velocity of airsoft bb pellets from a gun’s inner barrel. The result is expressed in feet per second (FPS).

Generally speaking, the higher the FPS rating of a gun, the more powerful and accurate it will be over longer distances. However, as mentioned earlier safety must always come first so players should know their field or event limit before even considering purchasing any kind of airsoft gun.

Why Does FPS Matter in Airsoft?

An airsoft guns FPS matters for a number of reasons. For starters, it affects the trajectory of your shots and how far they can travel. A higher FPS will mean that your shots will be more accurate and travel further than those from a lower FPS gun. In addition, field limits or event organizers have set maximum FPS limits to ensure player safety.

But let’s take a closer look at how it affects the power, accuracy, and range of the gun, as well as what limitations higher FPS guns can bring.


Power typically refers to how hard the BB will hit when it reaches its target and also correlates to the amount of energy a BB has while in flight. Generally speaking, the higher the FPS rating of a gun, the more powerful and accurate it will be over longer distances. This means that those firing such guns can expect them to have a greater impact on their targets.


Having higher FPS also means you’ll get better accuracy from your shots as well as longer range capabilities. The speed at which a BB moves out of the barrel will determine how quickly it loses sight of its targets; faster speeds will generally mean more accurate shots over longer distances.

Even just increasing your FPS by 10-20 feet per second can make a noticeable difference in your accuracy, though this again depends on what kind of setup you’re using (i.e hop-up settings, barrel length, etc).


The faster your BB travels through the air, the further your shot will reach before dropping down due to gravity or wind resistance effects on its trajectory path. This allows players to hit targets from further away without having to worry about accuracy degrading too significantly at these ranges due to bullet drop off or dispersion from wind interference etc.


Though not all fields or events enforce regulations on FPS, there are generally accepted standards across most recreational fields around the world. Standard limits usually range from 350 to 400 FPS for most outdoor games, while indoor fields may drop this limit even further down.

And there are even laws regulating certain countries like Italy and Germany where airsoft guns are restricted from going faster than 330 FPS with .20 gram BBs!

So it’s important for players to understand what kinds of limits are being enforced at their local fields or events before purchasing any kind of gun no matter how attractive that shiny new AEG looks!

What Is a Good FPS for Airsoft

What Is a Good FPS for an Airsoft Gun?

In general, an optimal FPS rating for recreational play would be between 330-350 FPS for indoors and 380-400 FPS for outdoor play while using 0.2 gram BBs or lower.

This provides enough power and accuracy for a better game experience while reducing the risk of injury if safety equipment isn’t worn properly. Meanwhile, certain fields might have different standards so expending energy researching what kind of limits they impose will help keep everyone safe and having fun!


Speedball events often require lower maximum FPS ratings due to their close-quarters nature (e.g 250 – 330 FPS range). Likewise, MilSim events may also be subject to stricter limits so as not to unintentionally injure other players who are highly immersed in their simulation warfare gaming experience.


When using an airsoft gun outdoors, many players prefer an FPS of 400-450. This helps with accuracy over long distances and also has the added benefit of providing the power to accurately hit targets that are several hundred feet away.

However, be aware that certain fields may cap this as well. As such, understanding what type of airsoft game or what environment you plan to throw down in can help guide your decision when selecting your primary weapon and sidearm choice.

Good FPS for different airsoft guns

So, let’s take a look at what FPS is considered good for different types of airsoft guns.

  • Pistols: A good FPS rating for these types of airsoft guns is typically between 300 to 350 FPS.
  • Revolvers: 300 to 350 FPS for airsoft revolvers.
  • Sniper Rifles: For airsoft sniper rifles a range of 400 to 500 FPS is pretty good.
  • AEG Rifles: For AEG a good FPS range would be between 300 and 400.
  • Shotguns: Around 250 to 350.

Is a Higher FPS Better For Airsoft Guns?

Well, generally speaking, a higher FPS can offer more power, accuracy, and range when playing airsoft.

But finding the right balance between accuracy and FPS will depend on the type of gun being used – for example, pistols and revolvers may not need to have a high FPS as they are usually only used in short range engagements.

Also, with higher FPS airsoft guns there are some limitations when it comes to airsoft fields or events capping the maximum FPS allowed.

So it’s really important to consider all factors before choosing the best airsoft gun with the ideal FPS.

What Is a Good FPS for Airsoft

Are Higher FPS Airsoft Guns Dangerous?

While airsoft guns are generally considered safe, the use of higher FPS airsoft guns does increase some of the risks.

Getting shot with a high FPS airsoft gun can cause pain and they can even be capable of more severe airsoft injuries such as bruising or breaking skin if they make contact with bare skin and can cause more serious harm if they hit eyes or sensitive areas.

It’s highly recommended that when playing with high-FPS airsoft guns all participants wear full face protection and heavy clothing covering vital areas such as the chest, arms, and legs.


In Conclusion

  • FPS means feet per second and is a measure of velocity.
  • The FPS of your airsoft gun affects its power, range, and accuracy.
  • The ideal FPS range for various types of airsoft guns will depend on the type of gun and where it’s being used.
  • Generally speaking a good FPS for an airsoft gun is between 330-350 fps for indoors and 380-400 fps for outdoor play with a 0.2 gram BB.
  • Some airsoft fields may have FPS limits, so it’s important to check the rules and regulations of the field before playing.
  • It is also possible to increase or decrease the FPS of your airsoft gun by changing or upgrading certain parts.
  • Higher FPS airsoft guns can be more dangerous if not used with caution, so it’s important to wear appropriate safety gear and follow the field rules when using them.

All-in-all, FPS is an important factor when it comes to airsoft guns and it can be adjusted if needed, depending on the type of gun and environment it is being used in.

It is important to understand the implications of having a higher or lower FPS airsoft gun, and always make sure you are following safety protocols when using them. This will ensure that you and everyone else around you are safe during gameplay.

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