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What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get

What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get?

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A plate carrier is the first line of defense against an incoming attack. So it’s essential you pack a high-quality one! But your plate carrier should also be an appropriate color.

Picking your plate carrier is a matter of personal preference. However, you need to consider the plate carrier color as well. The color is important depending on the characteristics of the mission or scenario at hand. So here’s a quick guide on plate carrier colors.

What Does the Color of a Plate Carrier Depend On?

First, it’s important to note that no single plate carrier color is the best. The color comes down to what you need your plate carrier for and the scenario in which it will be used. The colors you choose don’t only come down to camo. And there are other dependencies as well:

  • Your job or service – color can help differentiate services such as police from the military.
  • The setting – some shades are more appropriate in urban, sandy, or forest settings.
  • Terrain details – you might want to choose colors that help you to be seen. 
  • Weather and climate – some colors, like black, reflect and absorb heat differently.
  • Approachability – you may not want to look too intimidating on peacekeeping missions.
  • Usage – you may not consider color too much when playing airsoft or paintball.
  • Camouflage requirements – choose wisely if concealment is a top priority.
  • Your body size – some colors can look bigger on you if you are a smaller person.
  • Real or LARPing – you won’t need to worry too much about color as a role player.

A plate carrier is a vital piece of gear that provides protection. But protection means more than stopping projectiles or flames. The best color for a plate carrier is determined by many factors. Such as who you work for, what you are doing, and whether you need camouflage.

What are the Most Common Plate Carrier Colors?

There are numerous plate carrier colors and patterns. They range from solid colors such as brown, green, and black to essential designs like digital camo and even neon for role-playing and hobbies. However, professionals use standard plate carrier colors for different scenarios:

  • Coyote Brown – has become a traditional color for multipurpose operations.
  • Flat Black – urban security and police often use flat black in dangerous situations.
  • Ranger Green – a standard color used by military personnel worldwide.
  • MultiCam – a highly effective and commonly used green and brown camouflage pattern. 
  • Olive Drab – a grayish-green color presented as a standard-issue across many services.
  • MAS Gray – a dark gray color used for tactical assault and covert operations.
  • Coyote Tan – a light brown used for semi-desert camouflage.
  • Wolf Gray – exceptional for urban situations with asphalt, glass, and concrete.
  • Khaki – standard uniform color that provides excellent camouflage in desert terrain.

Your chosen plate carrier color offers more than physical protection. Depending on the situation, you might need a specific camouflage. Traditional green and tan colors such as khaki and ranger green offer versatile protection. While colors like wolf gray are suited for urban assault.

What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get

What is the Best Plate Carrier Color?

There is no single best plate carrier color because there are too many variables in every situation. However, depending on the situation, you can make the most of a specific color or pattern. 

For example, MAS Gray offers exceptional cover under cover of darkness. At the same time, khaki is an excellent all-rounder for almost any scenario. In short, the best color plate carriers are highly dependent on your situation and the environment you are working in. 

Moving on from the best plate carrier colors for a professional situation, you can use various colors when deciding on a style. LARPing, paintballing, and playing airsoft are hobbies and don’t present any real threat to your life. So choosing a color isn’t a life or death decision. As a result, you can mix and match whatever colors you want to complete your aesthetic.

On the other hand, you can take a note out of the military book if you need a color fit for your sport. For example, ranger green and coyote brown might offer an advantage when hunting big game.

Key Takeaways

There is no best color for a plate carrier per se. However, your decision should be made based on variables such as what you are doing, camouflage requirements, and weather and climate. In these cases, your plate carrier color is extremely important. Here are some key takeaways:

Consider how you will use your plate carrier

The purpose of a plate carrier is essential when deciding on the color. For example, you might need to differentiate yourself as separate from military personnel as a supporting police officer. Additionally, the camouflage of a plate carrier is vital for different terrains and scenarios.

There are common colors based on specific scenarios

It can be easy to think choosing a color is as simple as picking what you want. However, each plate carrier color is designed for specific scenarios and can be more useful when used appropriately. Such as donning a MAS Gray outfit on covert operations, for instance.

It doesn’t matter too much for hobbies

Of course, hobbies such as LARPing, airsoft, and paintballing don’t require a life or death decision. Therefore, you can choose your colors based on aesthetics rather than overall functionality. For these scenarios, pick colors that might help you gain the advantage but still look “tacticool.”

The color of your plate carrier is determined by its functionality, such as desert camouflage. Yet, it doesn’t matter what color you choose in non-specific cases, such as hobbies. In addition, colors can be mixed and matched for a great look in situations where you aren’t a professional.

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