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About Vern Lovic

Vern Lovic
Vern Lovic

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Tactical gear, survival & Outdoors author/EXPERT

Vern Lovic is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Stationed at Hickam Air Force Base where he served proudly in the heart of the Pacific (PACAF) on Oahu, Hawaii. He was on the Disaster Readiness Team and did TDY to South Korea for Team Spirit exercises.

For the last twenty years he’s done hard time in Thailand jungles teaching visitors and locals how to manage their deadly venomous snake population of cobras, kraits, vipers, and coral snakes. Vern is a tactical gear reviewer with Tactical Brute, putting our gear through its paces in the unforgiving jungles of southern Thailand.

  • A veteran of the United States Air Force

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