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The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC

The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC: Detailed Review

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The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC is a budget-friendly battle belt that was designed for the modern-day warrior. It has many features that will make you feel like a badass in combat, but there are also some drawbacks to this particular battle belt. 

Let’s dive into it and review what makes the Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC one of the best budget battle belts on the market!

The Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger is a well-known German tactical gear manufacturer that designs and sells gear for both police and military use. They are mostly known for their top-quality tactical bags and rucksacks.

It’s more of a high-end quality equipment company that focuses on “real-use” gear. By “real-use” we mean gear designed specifically to be used by military personnel, law enforcement personnel and etc rather than just airsoft gear.

The TT Warrior Belt LC

Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC
The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC

The TT Warrior Belt LC  is a low-cost battle belt that Tasmanian Tiger designed with combat use in mind. The product is pretty much as advertised: it’s an affordable quality solution for carrying your tactical gear.

The LC in the name refers to laser-cut which means the molle strips are cut into the fabric rather than attached separately. Compared to traditional molle strips the laser cut version has usually more mounting positions, higher holes (which means better pouch and gear retention), is less bulky, and overall sturdier.

The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt is a two-piece battle belt. It has a separate inner belt that is easily removable and an LC MOLLE outer belt (or sleeve). The inner belt is looped through the MOLLE sleeve.

The two-belt option makes it quite a versatile belt that can be easily customizable. The inner belt can be easily swapped out as well for something that fits your personal preferences better.

Design of The Belt

Design-wise the TT Warrior Belt is a super lightweight battle belt with a very stable and ergonomic design. It has a rather low profile and is slimmer at the front and wider at the back. The tampered front and overall slimmer design increase your mobility a lot.

This battle belt has a very flat design. By a flat design we mean it’s not very thick and bulky (which is great for multiple reasons). It gets the flat look because it doesn’t have any padding in it also the laser-cut MOLLE doesn’t stick out like the traditional one.

The Outer Molle Belt

The outer belt or the sleeve is a high-quality belt made with 700D Condura material (heavy-duty durable nylon). It has a laser-cut molle webbing that features four MOLLE slots (openings) and in the traditional MOLLE webbing sense, it means it basically has three MOLLE strips.

The outer belt has 4 vertical laser-cut slots that the LC molle openings are on. The separate slots allow you to weave your inner belt through them in different ways. This feature makes it very simple to attach a holster to your battle belt.

On the inside of the belt (the part that faces your body), there are three slim anti-slip pads that keep the belt nice and secure. Also, it won’t let it slip down when loaded up with heavy gear. These pads are attached to the belt with velcro and are easily removable. Also thanks to the velcro strips that are used to attach these anti-slip pads, you can easily attach them to other tactical belts that have a velcro outer layer.

The Inner Belt

Now the inner belt that comes whit the TT Warrior Belt is quite simple in design and is made out of the same 700D Cordura material. The belt features a 50mm SR strong plastic buckle.

The inner belt is quite strong itself, but the plastic buckle does take its durability down a notch or two. So we would advise using your own tactical belt instead.

Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC Features

  • Two-piece battle belt.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Tampered front for extra mobility.
  • Covered inner hook-and-loop for fastening to a hook-and-loop underbelt.
  • Laser-Cut Durable MOLLE system.
  • Black, Coyote, Olive, and some other colors are available, depending on the version.
  • Adjustable sizes: Small (74 – 114 cm), Medium (86 – 126 cm), Large (98 – 138 cm).
  • The length of the MOLLE system (outer belt): For Small is 70cm (27.5 inches), for Medium its 82cm (32.2 inches), and for large its 94cm (37 inches).
  • IRR version is available.
  • Made from Cordura 700D material .
  • Price ranges from 35 – 40 dollars.

Pros and cons of the Tasmanian Tiger Warrior LC Battle Belt


  • One of the cheapest options on the market
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two-Piece battle belt with a lot of customization options.
  • Removable anti-slip pads
  • The inner belt’s buckle is made of plastic
  • No extra padding for comfortability

In conclusion

The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC is a great choice for those looking to get more value from their money. 

This battle belt is the perfect blend of quality and functionality, giving you plenty of options when it comes to how you want your belt worn.

Overall it’s a great belt to use as a range belt, for training, and in your airsoft battle belt setup. For real life or death scenarios, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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