how to attach holster to battle belt

How to attach a holster to your battle belt?

Battle Belt is a popular piece of gear among military and law enforcement personnel. It provides the wearer with a stable platform for carrying essential equipment while on duty, training, or in combat. The battle belt also allows the user to carry ammunition pouches and other accessories that they need during their mission. One question many people have when getting ready for an event or day at work is how to attach a holster to their battle belt? This article will cover some different ways you can mount your pistol holster to your battle belt so that it is accessible when needed.

What are the different options for attaching a holster to your battle belt?

There are many different ways to attach a holster to your battle belt setup. Here are some of the most common ones:

Using a paddle

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Safariland 6378, ALS Paddle Holster

Paddle holsters are designed to be worn on your side and come with a clip that attaches to your battle belt. They can also have clips or loops on the back of them, so you can slide it over the top of your pants as well.

The holster is designed to be worn on your side, so it’s more easily accessible. And if you’re wearing a plate carrier or body armor with the straps over your shoulders and across your chest, then this type of holster can still be drawn from in order to access it.

It comes with clips that attach to either the paddle itself, or loop that slides over top of pants (as well as some models). Paddle holsters are typically best for people who have larger frames because they can’t bend their waist enough when sitting down- which would make carrying other styles difficult. They also come in different sizes depending on what size handgun you want them for (i.e., full frame vs compact)

Soft nylon holster with molle straps

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Condor VT Holster

Another option for your battle belt holster would be to use a molle holster. These holsters are a little more flexible and can be mounted to your belt in several different ways. One way is with the molle straps that come on the holster, or you could buy an additional set of molle strap so they clip onto your battle belt instead.

There’s also soft nylon holsters which attach via velcro around the back part of it- this is probably going to work best if you have a smaller frame as they won’t interfere when sitting down like paddle holsters might. They’re still able to pull out their gun for easy access from most positions because there isn’t anything obstructing them from doing so. Again, these may not fit all belts depending on how thick/thin they are (and how much. A good example of a nylon holster would be the Condor VT Holster which has a fully adjustable retention strap and can be adjusted to fit different sized guns.

Using a drop leg holster

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Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

Drop leg holsters are another option for those who don’t want to attach their holster on the belt. They’re also great if you have a larger frame as they will allow more mobility than paddle holsters do, but won’t offer as much access/comfort when sitting down like other holster systems would.

Drop leg holster are usually attached to the battle belt by a strap with a quick-snap buckle that wraps around the wearer’s leg. The snap can be made to face either inward or outward, and is fitted so it will only close when two Velcro loops on the inside of your battle belt are pulled together.

These holsters typically come in one of three general configurations: open top (which must be drawn from an upright position), closed bottom which allows for firing while seated but not as quickly drawing/reholstering since you have to bend down, or hybrid style where there is no lip at all.

A good example product would be the EliteTac USA Drop Leg Holster which was made specifically with this style in mind- they’ve got different sizes available so make sure you find one that fits best! The straps come pre-molded and stay put while running or walking around. Another and a bit more pricer example would be the Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster which is a lot more durable and will stay in place better.

Using mounting clips

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HolsterBuilder Kydex Clips Grip Hook

Using specific mounting clips to attach a holster to your battle belt is another option. The clips allow the holster to be attached and removed easily since it’s not permanently strapped on like with belts or suspenders. One drawback is that if you’re wearing your firearm, then this mounting system will also have a strap running around your waist in order to secure both sides of the gun together.

Using other holster attachment platform

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Safariland MOLLE Holster Locking Fork System

Specific mounts are probably one of the best ways how to attach a holster to a battlebelt. The most popular way is the Safariland UBL (Utility Belt Loop), which allows you to mount any holster with loops or slots, and it’s made of durable nylon for all-day wear. The downside of this system though is there’s not much adjustment available; so if your belt size changes, then too will your holster position. If you’re looking for more adjustability and better hold in place – don’t worry! We’ve got some other options below:

QASM Standard Holster Mounting System has two adjustable straps at the back side, which allow for quick adjustments like when wearing body armor. It also has a Velcro strap on the back, which secures it onto your belt and prevents movement.

The Safariland QLS (Quick-Lock System) is another popular option that utilizes two clips: one at the front of holster and other behind it to attach onto your battle belt.

Safariland ELS Belt Mounting system pouches are available in three different sizes; small, medium or large. They may be mounted using either very strong nylon loops or their patented elastic band with hook & loop closure for greater stability of holsters even under extreme combat conditions like when wearing body armor. This attachment platform allows you to quickly remove all gear from the Battle Belt itself without having to unbuckle  the belt.

Safariland MLS system is an ideal solution to mount your holster while wearing a battle belt or a tactical vest. The system can be mounted easily to any kind of molle webbing and also be mounted to a battle belt. It includes one pair of locking, reversible clips that can be used on the left or right side and has an elastic closure for additional stability of your holster even under extreme combat conditions like when wearing body armor.

The Safariland ELS and MLS systems provide a secure, stable mounting point for your holster while still allowing rapid removal of all equipment stored on the battle belt or in pouches beneath it. These quick-release mechanisms are available as both platforms which attach directly to webbing saddles on either side of the holster (ELS), and as ready-made attachments for specific type of battle belts such as the Safariland UBL or Blackhawk Serpa (MLS).

A variety of products are available for mounting a holster onto your battle belt, some that involve attaching it with the use of molle webbing and others that have locking clips. It is important to be able to remove the items from your belt quickly in order for them not to impede movement during combat situations so you should opt for attachments without any screws or other hardware on their surface.

Using a molle attachment platform or a thigh rig

how to attach holster to battle belt
Safariland Tactical Plate

The last option is to attach your holster onto a thigh rig. This can be done with the molle straps that come on the holster, but it’s not as easy- so you may need some additional hardware such as a D ring or buckle in order for this to work well. The majority of holsters that are mounted like this will have an adjustable retention strap (or two) at the bottom of them which makes it possible to tighten up any slack and ensure they stay securely attached.

A good example of thigh rigs would be Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Universal Holster/Magazine Rig. The Safariland thigh rig would be best if you’re looking for something with speed in mind. It’s made of durable nylon that will stay put while running around and has an adjustable Velcro strap at the back which allows it to fit most people comfortably!

In conclusion

There are many different ways how to attach a holster to a battle belt. At the end of the day, it is important to find a system that works best for you. We hope this article has helped provide some clarity and insight into what may work best for you!

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