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Dump Pouch on a Plate Carrier

Dump Pouch on a Plate Carrier: Is It a Good Idea?

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Are you considering adding a dump pouch to your plate carrier setup?  It’s definitely a viable option, as many experienced operators swear by the efficiency of this setup.

While at the same time, others say that it can be a hindrance and make movement difficult. So it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making any decision.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you might want to add a dump pouch to your plate carrier and where it should be located on your gear.

We’ll also explore the potential drawbacks of keeping your dump pouch on your plate carrier can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you. Read on for more information!

What Is a Dump Pouch?

A dump pouch is a really simple piece of tactical gear. It’s basically just a bag with a drawstring or zipper that you can attach to your gear.

The purpose of the pouch is to store empty magazines or other items that need to be quickly stowed away. It prevents magazines from getting lost or damaged and makes reloads quicker and easier.

The pouch itself varies in size, shape, capacity, and material depending on the model you choose. Some even feature additional compartments for other items like mags and flashlights.

MOLLE Dump Pouch by Blue Force Gear
MOLLE Dump Pouch by Blue Force Gear
Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Dump Pouch
Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Dump Pouch
BLACKHAWK Roll-up MOLLE Dump Pouch
BLACKHAWK Roll-up MOLLE Dump Pouch

Why Should You Use a Dump Pouch?

Dump pouches are an incredibly useful piece of gear for anyone who’s in the field. While the primary advantage of dump pouches might be their ability to store empty magazines quickly and speed up your weapon reload time, they offer several other benefits as well such as:

  • Allows you to quickly store away empty magazines.
  • Speeds up your weapon reload time compared to placing empty magazines back into magazine pouches.
  • It can also provide protection for your magazines from dirt and debris.
  • It can pretty much be used to quickly store any other item that needs to be quickly stowed away.
  • It can be used as an extra storage compartment for any items that can fit in it.
  • Some dump pouches even have extra compartments or attachment points for smaller gear.
  • They can be used for foraging and collecting things as well.

Should You Keep Your Dump Pouch on Your Plate Carrier?

Whether you should keep your dump pouch on your plate carrier depends largely on your personal preferences.

But let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Because the dump pouch is located higher it won’t hit your legs when you move around.
  • It’s more secure as it’s less likely to be pulled off by something or someone.
  • Keeps your belt line clear.


  • It’s less accessible than keeping the dump pouch on your belt.
  • Because the dump pouch is located a bit higher compared to keeping it on your waist/beltline it can feel really unnatural to drop your empty magazines in it.
  • Also, it’s harder to open or roll/ fold it.
  • Adds extra weight to your plate carrier.
  • Can hinder your mobility.
  • Also, if you do run gear on your belt, then having an open dump pouch on your plate carrier will make it really hard to access any items that are located below it.

So Should You?

While the pros-cons list above might seem a bit biased and heavy on the cons of the combo then the overall answer really depends on two things. Firstly what type of a loadout you’re running and secondly your personal preferences.

If you use both a plate carrier and battle belt setup then the dump pouch is usually best reserved for the battle belt since it will be more easily accessible and won’t interfere with your range of motion.

If you run a more minimalist setup and don’t use a battle belt then attaching the dump pouch to your plate carrier is a viable option. Although even then you attach it to your pants belt.

I personally prefer having my dump pouch on my battle belt since I find it a lot easier to reach and it feels a lot more comfortable. And when I’m not running a battle belt then I just attach one to my tactical belt.

Where to Put a Dump Pouch on a Plate Carrier?

Okei, so you decided to add a dump pouch to your plate carrier setup, but where exactly should you place it?

Well, in my opinion, the best position for your dump pouch is in the middle bottom part of your plate carrier’s back panel (the same goes for a battle belt).

Because this way you can access the dump pouch with both of your arms. Which is actually a really important thing in a real-world tactical scenario.

In a real situation, you will need to change your shooting shoulders depending on the situation. So there will definitely be situations where you have to reload your weapon with your non-dominant hand.

Now having the dump pouch on the center bottom of your plate carrier backside, will allow you to access it with both your dominant and non-dominant hand.

Now another place where you can add a dump pouch to your plate carrier is on the side of the carrier. Then it should be placed somewhere between around 9 and 6 o’clock position.

Of course, this isn’t as ideal since you can only access it with your dominant hand. But still, it’s an option that you can consider if the middle bottom part isn’t free.

Maxpedition Rollypoly MM Folding Dump Pouch
Maxpedition Rollypoly MM Folding Dump Pouch
IDOGEAR Molle Dump Pouch
IDOGEAR Molle Dump Pouch
Condor Dump Pouch
Condor Dump Pouch

How to Choose a Dump Pouch for Your Plate Carrier?

When it comes to choosing the best dump pouch for your plate carrier there are a few things you should consider.

First, the type of dump pouch. There are two different types of dump pouches: roll-up and foldable dump pouches. Roll-up pouches are generally larger in capacity while they actually take up less space on the carrier.

Next, you should think about the capacity of the dump pouch. It’s important that you can fit your magazines in the pouch.

Also, think about the material. A dump pouch should be resistant to external elements and made from durable materials.

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is drainage. Since it could rain or you might just have wet magazines in the dump pouch it’s important that it has some kind of drainage system to allow water to pass through it.

Finally, look for a dump pouch that has a secure closure system. The last thing you need is your magazines and other items falling out of the pouch. So look for a dump pouch that has a secure and reliable closure system.

All of these are important criteria that you should take into consideration before purchasing a dump pouch for your plate carrier.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, dump pouches are incredibly useful pieces of tactical gear for anyone who’s in the field. Whether you decide to attach it to your plate carrier or battle belt depends on what type of loadout you’re running and your personal preferences.

Ultimately, having an easily accessible pouch that can store away empty magazines quickly is a great way to speed up weapon reload time and protect your magazines from dirt and debris.

With the right setup, a good-quality dump pouch can be an invaluable addition to any operational kit!

Hope this article has been helpful and good luck with your dump pouch setup! Thanks for reading!

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