Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt Review: Key Aspects Reviewed

In this review, we will be reviewing the Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt. This is a battle belt from Condor that is made of high quality materials and can last for years to come. The Condor Gen 2 battle belt offers many different features that make it an amazing purchase.

It is made of nylon webbing, which makes it very durable and resistant to wear-and-tear because nylon can take more abuse than cloth or leather materials.

If you are looking for a trusted brand name in tactical gear then look no further than Condor!

Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

Condor gen 2 battle belt
Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

Condor Gen 2 battle belt is a good choice for those looking for a battle belt that has many different features and qualities, but is not too expensive.

It is constructed of 1000 denier nylon and contoured shape to aid mobility while kneeling or bending. It also features two rows of webbing across the belt which gives it more options for gear attachments.


  • Comfortable belt and sits well on hips
  • Good price
  • Great harness attachments
  • Very sturdy


  • Fitment can be tricky
  • Inner belt not included
  • Buckle can be a little flimsy

Features of Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

  • The two rows of MOLLE webbing allows for a variety of attachments and configurations.
  • The 3D mesh lining improves comfort and breathability.
  • Contoured shape for comfort and ease of movement
  • 4 D-rings for harness attachment
  • Helps to distribute the weight from your load-bearing vest
  • A 1.5-inch to two-inch leather or nylon web belt must be used when using this battle belt (not included)

Material Used for Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

Made of nylon which is a great material for outdoor gear. Nylon helps to reduce weight and is very durable.

Nylon provides a lot of stretch and is water resistant.

It’s also a lot lighter than leather, but it can be more difficult to clean because the material absorbs moisture.

Nylon is not prone to scratching like some other fabrics are, making Condor GenI 2 battle belt very comfortable option.

Durability of Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

It is very durable because it’s made of nylon.

The belt is well constructed and has a three-ply heavy duty stitching to provide durability in the contact points for rough use. It has a tri-laminate layer that ensures it lasts for years to come without any tears or rips.

Condor Gen 2 battle belt features an adjustable strap with quick release buckle design, which provides easy size adjustments and helps keep your gear secure at all times.

This makes it easier to carry heavier loads without worrying that they will fall off or shift during fast paced activity like running.

Condor Gen 2 is a durable battle belt for the outdoors enthusiast and for the military personnel.

Sizes of Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

The Condor Gen 2 battle belt is available in three sizes:

  • Small (30-34″ waist)
  • Medium (36-40″ waist)
  • Large(42-46″ waist)

Each of these three sizes are meant for a different size person. The large size is the most common one because it accommodates people with bigger waistlines and shorter torsos.

The medium sized Condor Gen 2 battle belt can accommodate someone who’s in between small and large so if you have some doubts as to what size will fit best then go for this option just in case. (the safest pick)

Colors of Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

Condor Gen II Battle Belts come in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Coyote brown
  • Olive drab

There are also some added color variants such as scorpion camo and desert tan.

These colors add a bit more diversity to a sometimes monotonous color selection.

Comfort Level of Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

The Condor Gen 2 is a belt that you can wear for an extended period of time without feeling any discomfort. It has enough padding to avoid feeling like your hips are being squeezed by the belt.

There is also some foam, so it’s soft against your back and iliac crest, which will provide support in high stress situations such as intense combat operations or military training exercises.

The Condor Gen 2 has two rows of MOLLE webbing which makes room for many different types of pouches to be attached onto this battle belts main body. This provides extra options for gear attachment which makes it a comfortable way to carry extra gear along.

Attachment Options for Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt

2 rows of MOLLE webbing allow to wear more gear attachments than other regular battle belts on the market.

MOLLE webbing is a great option when it comes to attaching pouches and holsters because there are various types of configurations available depending on what you are looking for.

Condor Gen 2 battle belt can carry good amount of pouches and a holsters.

Condor Gen combat belt can be adjusted thanks to the straps that are provided with it, they can also be removed if you don’t want them on your battle belt.

Four D-rings are meant to attach a harness to the battle belt which is a great option for weight distribution.

There’s also a quick release buckle on the front of this battle belt, allowing easy attachment/detachment from waist without removing any gear attached on the MOLLE webbing (e.g., pouches).


The Condor Gen 2 battle belt is designed to hold an assortment of pouches and equipment.

It’s being used by military personnel around the world because it has a unique design that allows for easy access to your gear without sacrificing comfort or mobility.If you’re looking for a durable, multifunctional piece of kit that’ll work with any type of tactical uniform, this is the one for you!

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