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Best Mag Pouches For Plate Carriers

Best Mag Pouches For Plate Carriers – Top 7 MOLLE Pouches Reviewed

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Mag pouches for plate carriers let you carry ammunition close to your body while wearing protective gear. Great products are durable, versatile, and compatible with a wide variety of setups, keeping you safe in the field. 

When it comes to choosing the best mag pouches for a plate carrier, there are many factors to consider. You need to find pouches that will fit your magazines and your carrier comfortably, while also being able to withstand the rigors of combat. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best MOLLE mag pouches on the market and why you should consider using them. We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right pouch for your needs. So, whether you are looking for a pouch to hold AR-15 magazines or something else, read on for our top recommendations!

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Mag Pouches?

Finding the perfect mag pouch isn’t always easy. There are all sorts of things you’ll need to consider. 

At the most basic level, you’ll want to find out whether the pouch actually fits the equipment you want to carry, including your plate carrier and magazine. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your pouch is incompatible with other items in your setup.

Next, you’ll also want to consider capacity. In some situations, you’ll need to reload more often. For instance, bigger mag pouches are better if you anticipate extended combat encounters. In other cases, traveling light is the goal. Hence, you may only want to carry minimal ammunition with you.

Retention is also an important consideration: that is, how well do mag pouches actually hold onto your ammunition in place? Some feature basic bungee cord systems to improve affordability, while others use screw-based systems. All options are a tradeoff between weight, access, inserting speed, and security. 

The type of material used in the construction of a mag holder is important to consider as it will affect its durability. This, in turn, determines what types of situations the mag holder can be used in.

Lastly, if you already have a lot of standard-issue equipment, you will want to choose a mag pouch with MOLLE compatibility. In the past, manufacturers targeted the MOLLE standard at military buyers, but increasingly, manufacturers are incorporating it into consumer-grade equipment. 

Quick View of the Best Plate Carrier Mag Pouches

1High Speed Gear Mag Pouch For Battle Belt SetupHigh-Speed Gear TACO Single Rifle Mag Pouch9.8check price
2RTS 5.56 Premium Double Speed PouchRTS 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch9.6check price
3Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Magazine PouchBlue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Magazine Pouch9.2check price
4Blackhawk Tier Stacked Magazine PouchBlackhawk Tier Stacked Magazine Pouch8.7check price
6Spiritus SPUD Munitions PouchSpiritus SPUD Munitions Pouch8check price

Best Mag Pouches For Plate Carriers

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best mag pouches for plate carriers currently on the market. The following review evaluates each product’s key features and then lists their pros and cons for a balanced assessment. 

1. High-Speed Gear TACO Single Rifle Mag Pouch

If you’re looking for a mag pouch that lets you rapidly respond to situations, then the High-Speed Gear TACO Single Rifle Mag Pouch could be it. This product uses a stealthy bungee system that lets users remove mags quickly without the need for noisy velcro straps. And because it doesn’t have any complicated buttons or straps, ammo access is easy. 

The High-Speed Gear TACO Single Rifle Mag Pouch delivers high performance in most areas. Made in the USA, users get a lifetime warranty. The pouch is made of high-strength nylon material combined with hardened, battle-ready injection molded polymer retention tabs.

It’s also incredibly versatile. You can combine it with MOLLE systems, duty belts, tactical loader belts, and more. Clips on the pouch’s body are specifically designed for MOLLE but will also work with other systems, too. And there is a velcro strip on the back for people who prefer attaching mag pouches this way.

Adjustable retention bungees give you more choice over what to carry. High-Speed Gear says that the Rifle TACO will work with M14, LR20, FAL, AK 30/40, ARC, HK, and USGI magazines. It is also capable of holding flashbangs, radios, and other equipment of similar dimensions for ultimate field versatility. 

High-Speed Gear is sensitive to the conditions in which people use its products. Under stressful situations users may not have fine motor control, the brand points out. Because of this, the vendor builds the Rifle TACO with accessibility in mind. When you use the pouch, muscle memory takes over. Accessing ammo doesn’t require any complicated tugging or unfolding. Even the clumsiest withdrawals can be successful. 

Rapid response is also built into the product. High-Speed Gear is keen to ensure that you’re never caught out empty-handed. The Rifle TACO lets you create a comprehensive load-out kit for situations where time is critical. 

Lastly, the Rifle TACO is military-approved. U.S. army, marines, and special forces around the world use High-Speed Gear’s products. Therefore, they have real-world, military testing which gives them credence versus the competition. 


  • Extensive compatibility, including with the U.S. military’s MOLLE system
  • Easy to quickly access ammunition
  • Compatible with a wide array of standard-issue magazines
  • Over-the-top bungee retainers not included
  • The bungee system is not ideal for some users
  • Not designed for any specific type of magazine


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality10
Access speed10
Overall Score9.8
Product rating table

2. RTS 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch

RTS developed the 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch with quality in mind from the outset. The brand wanted to create a product that would inspire confidence and get better with age. 

And, to a significant degree, it has been successful. The 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch is certainly built to last. The outer layer is made of 500-weight dyed Cordura fabric from pre-consumer waste, recycled into ultra-tough yarns. The nylon-based material is capable of withstanding extreme environments without becoming damaged or frayed. And the bungee retention tabs are made of Hypalon, a type of synthetic rubber known for its strength, resistance to harsh chemicals, and grip. This compound is helpful when you are in fast-moving situations and need to quickly reload. Even with sweaty fingers, you can pull on the tab and access your next mag. 

What’s nice about the 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch is that it really does get better with age. As the Cordura material matures, it becomes more pliable and flexible, but it doesn’t fray like many standard fabrics. It’s also extremely lightweight, only adding to load-out weight negligibly. 

As with other mag pouches in this list, the 5.56 Premium Double Speed Pouch is MOLLE compatible. This means that you can easily include it with standard load-outs. It will also work with a modular webbed system, which will be a welcome feature for many. 

Capacity is also considerable. This product will hold two magazines, instead of the usual one, which makes it a great asset for longer operations. 

Unfortunately, as the name suggests, this RTS pouch is only compatible with 5.56 mags such as an AR15. Therefore, it isn’t as compatible as other products on the market. If you buy it, you need to be sure that 5.56 is the only standard you’ll use. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy multiple pouches. 

If you use 5.56 caliber rifle a lot, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you like to mix and match, then you may need to equip yourself with the second set of pouches for any other ammunition you want to carry. 


  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality grippy rubber bungee retention tab 
  • Carries two magazines
  • Only compatible with 5.56 magazines
  • The bungee system is considerably less reliable than the rest of the product
  • Only a small choice of colors


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality10
Access speed9.6
Overall Score9.6
Product rating table

3. Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Magazine Pouch

When Blue Force Gear was designing the Ten-Speed Double Magazine Pouch, they wanted to create something discreet, low-profile, and compatible with a range of magazines. As a company, they have a rather interesting philosophy: if they can’t make something better than it was before, they don’t. The result is a magazine pouch with superior materials and cutting-edge design. 

Blue Force Gear had two main aims for this pouch: superior retention and low weight. And, in our opinion, they achieved both. 

For the retention system, Blue Force Gear doesn’t use bungee cords or retention clips. Instead, the pouch relies on elasticated material that hugs any magazine or item you put inside the mag carrier. Because of this, there is no fiddling when you reach for your ammo. You just pull on the handle and the magazine slides out. 

On the weight front, the Ten-Speed Double Magazine Pouch also delivers. The brand makes the unit from high-performance laminate that reduces poundage by 60 percent compared to standard nylon designs. This feature makes it highly desirable for anyone who has to wear their kit all day.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Ten-Speed Double Magazine Pouch folds flat when not in use. This feature reduces the risk of snagging which could affect real-world combat effectiveness, particularly when worn on the back. 

Other features include MOLLE compatibility and high-quality materials. The fact that this item is made in the U.S. also inspires confidence. 

But there are downsides. Users rely on the elastic energy contained in the material to hold mags in place. There are no additional safety features, such as bungee cords or retaining screws, so there is a risk that mags could fall out during tumbles or if equipment snags. 

There are some material compromises. too. The elastication makes the mag pouch less durable than non-stretchy nylon-based alternatives.


  • Folds flat when empty 
  • Two-magazine storage capacity
  • Flexible enough to be used with a range of magazines and non-mag items, such as radios or flares
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Lightweight
  • No additional retention systems besides elasticated material
  • Not as durable as pure nylon products
  • Only available in black, coyote brown, camp, and ranger green


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality9.5
Access speed9.2
Overall Score9.2
Product rating table

4. Blackhawk Tier Stacked Magazine Pouch

With the Tier Stacked Magazine Pouch, Blackhawk wanted to make something that would last indefinitely, regardless of how much punishment it took. The result was this robust and feature-packed product. 

Blackhawk makes the Tier Stacked Magazine pouch compatible with any S.T.R.I.K.E® mounting platform. It will also work with MOLLE/PALs but it doesn’t feature a rear velcro strip for more universal compatibility. 

The Tier Stacked Magazine Pouch is designed to be strong. Like other pouches in this list, it makes use of 500D nylon, capable of withstanding many years of abuse. Smooth material assists in speedy draws and reloads. 

The pouch’s most unique feature is the metal drainage grommets at the rear. These improve dirt and grit drainage from the interior, improving reliability and reducing the risk of problematic draws. It also helps keep the pouch clean, even in dirty, muddy, or wintry environments. 

With the Tier Stacked Magazine Pouch, Blackhawk settled on a stair-stepped design. This feature lets the pouch hold two magazines without taking up lateral space on the user’s body. The front pouch is smaller than the rear for an easier draw in a one-two motion. When empty, it has a stepped appearance.

Of course, there are downsides to this design. For instance, when fully loaded, the pouch protrudes more from the body. Furthermore, the design depends on placing two bungee cords with individual tabs close to each other. This arrangement makes tugging on the correct one more challenging in combat situations. While experience is a friend in this regard, we can imagine novices making mistakes. 

Despite the use of bungee cords in the design, the pouch is only for AR-15 magazines and should not be used with any other. While attachment versatility is welcome, limited magazine compatibility is not. Therefore, this pouch is not suitable for users who want to keep their load-outs as consistent as possible. 


  • Highly compatible with a range of attachments, including MOLLE/PALs, and S.T.R.I.K.E® mounting platforms
  • Classic camo design for temperate environments
  • Holds two magazines
  • Metal drainage grommets for dirt and detritus removal
  • Only compatible with AR-15 ammunition
  • Stair-stepped design protrudes from the body and may snag
  • A complicated bungee mag release system requires pulling on the right tab. 


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality9.2
Access speed9
Overall Score8.7
Product rating table


Armory Republic constructed the AR500 Armor Multi-Caliber Double Rifle Mag Pouch with a simple mission: to accommodate all rifle magazines in a single pouch. And they largely succeeded. The pouch is suitable for practically every standard-issue rifle magazine, ranging from 5.56×45 all the way to 7.62×51 (.223 to .308). 

Because of this, the AR500 is suitable for anyone wanting to keep the same loud-out for every training or combat situation. This type of consistency is what makes this offering from Armory Republic so appealing. 

Thanks to its unique dual shingle design, the pouch fits either four small magazines or two larger ones. There are helpful ringlets on the side for additional utility (such as carrying shotgun shells, or Chem-Light), plus two large retention straps that are removable and resizable, depending on the size of the magazine. Each strap comes with a helpful Hypalon tag which makes it easy to pull. And there is the option to run an open-top configuration if you want it. 

Construction is 500D Cordura, high-density elastic, and mil-spec webbing. Stitching is bar-tack, double-backed, and double, and threads are high-strength and bonded, making this product suitable for combat situations

Of course, there are some downsides. First, the large pull tabs make drawing more cumbersome than open-top designs. And retention straps have a tendency to dangle after release which reduces stealthiness and can make it difficult to access the second or third magazine. 

Secondly, the mag pouch isn’t specifically designed for any particular type of ammunition. Therefore, smaller mags can rattle from side to side while moving. 

Lastly, there aren’t any drainage grommets, making the pouch less suitable for repeated use in dirty situations. 


  • Compatible with a wide range of magazines
  • Capable of holding up to four small mags
  • High-quality construction materials, including 500D Cordura nylon, mil-spec webbing, and Hypalon
  • Helpful ring straps for storing additional shotgun shells or similar items
  • Small mags may rattle, even when properly fastened
  • Pull tabs sit at the bottom of the retaining straps, making the unclipping process more cumbersome
  • No drainage grommets


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality9
Access speed8.2
Overall Score8.4
Product rating table

6. Spiritus SPUD Munitions Pouch

Spiritus took a similar approach to Armory Republic when designing the SPUD Munitions Pouch. They wanted to make something that could carry virtually anything. And you can see this ambition in the styling and design. The pouch looks more like something an alchemist might attach to their belt for carrying potions, precision metals, and herbs. 

That’s not to say that the product is old-fashioned. Far from it. Spiritus redesigned the SPUD from the ground up to improve on the traditional all-purpose pouch design. 

First, they equipped the SPUD with an adjustable shock cord loop around the rim. Users can loosen or tighten it, depending on the size and shape of the object inside. The pouch will hold mags, but it’ll also take a range of irregular objects too, including those that are significantly smaller than the pouch itself. The drawstring at the top pulls the fabric together tightly, like pursed lips, preventing anything from getting out. 

The system is MOLLE compatible, which is helpful for those with U.S. army kit. And because of its size and shape, you can fit it just about anywhere. It only takes up two MOLLE columns. 

There’s also a velcro option at the top of the pouch, too. So if you don’t want to go through the hassle of fiddling around with drawstrings, you can use pull tabs instead. 

The downsides are few and far between. Of course, if you have a specific type of ammo you need to use in mind, then other bespoke mag pouches may serve you better. And the size of the pouch may not be large enough for some larger rifle magazines. But apart from that, you’re covered. 

Spiritus was clever to give this pouch as many retention systems as possible to please everyone. You have a choice of bungee cord, velcro strap, or open top which come apart in three separate pieces, allowing you to customize the pouch how you like. 


  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Comes with multiple retention systems, letting you fasten your mags how you like
  • Beautiful camo design
  • MOLLE compatible, capable of holding 5.56 magazines up to 7.62. 
  • Not specifically designed for any magazine or kit
  • Smaller items may rattle around inside
  • Only two rings for shotgun shells


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality9
Access speed8.5
Overall Score8
Product rating table


Lastly, those looking for a simple option for 5.56mm magazines might want to check out the Warrior Assault System Double M4. This piece of highly utilitarian kit attempts to make the art of magazine carrying straightforward for the widest possible audience. 

Capacity is higher than some of the other options in this list. Each Double M4 Mag Pouch has enough space for two magazines, held side-by-side, making it great for those who need to carry a large quantity of ammunition with them.

The design is specification-sensitive in that you get dimensions specifically designed for 5.56, improving in-the-field carrying performance. But, of course, you won’t be able to carry other magazines, which might be an issue for some. 

Warrior Assault Systems improves the flexibility of the Double M4 by letting you attach it to other gear besides your plate carrier. The product fits on bags and rigs, too. 

Construction quality is exceptional. Warrior Assault Systems make the Double M4 from nylon, held together with some of the best stitching in the business. Cross-stitch patterns inspire confidence, and the thick material is suitable for the most intense situations. 

Of course, there’s a price to pay for this simplicity: you only get one draw method: velcro flaps. Users have to pull on the non-Hypalon tab and then peel back the strap to access their ammo. The flap can get in the way, making draws more challenging than on bungee-based systems. 

The choice of colors is also limited compared to other brands. You can choose between coyote tan for desert situations or multi-cam for more temperate areas. The good news is that the finish quality is equally good on both versions, so you don’t have to worry about damage. Double stitching is included as standard, inspiring confidence. 


  • MOLLE-compatible for plate carriers, bags, and rigs
  • Some of the best stitching in the business
  • One of the best solutions for people who want to carry 5.56 exclusively
  • Takes up 4 horizontal rows on MOLLE-based platforms
  • No Hypalon tabs
  • Only suitable for 5.56 mags


We review our products on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher the score the better the product quality in the performance category.

Performance CategoryRating Score
Material Quality8
Access speed8.4
Overall Score7.8
Product rating table

Key takeaways

Here are some of the things we’ve learned: 

  • There’s a tradeoff between ammunition specificity and pouch versatility
  • Most standard-issue pouches use non-flexible, heavy-duty nylon material
  • You should choose the release and draw method that you find easiest to use: bungee cord, retention flap, or open-top.

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