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Best Mag Pouches for Battle Belts – The Definitive Guide & List

Choosing the right mag pouches for a battle belt is an important decision. Magazines are one of the most important items on your body during an engagement. This is because magazines hold ammunition, which is necessary to keep your weapon firing at the enemy. They are a vital part of any battle belt.

When looking at different magazine pouches, there are many factors you should consider before making a buying decision. This guide will walk through these considerations so that you can find the best mag pouch for your needs, as well as review some of our favorite options currently available on Amazon.

Why is it so important to choose the right magazine pouches for your battle belt?

It’s important to have the right mag pouches for your battle belt because the wrong ones can lead to a poor and ineffective magazine carrying system. Which will hinder your reload time and can be a pain in the backside when you need to swap out magazines during combat.

And as we all know every second counts when reloading your weapon in the middle of a firefight.

What to consider when choosing mag pouches for your battle belt?

Choosing the correct and best magazine pouches for your battle belt setup is very important. And to be honest, it isn’t as simple as you might think. There are quite a few things you need to consider while making the choice. Let’s take a look at the most important ones down below.

1. What type of a weapon are you using?

mag pouches for battle belt

Well, the first thing you need to think about is what kind of a weapon you will be using while wearing your battle belt. This is because the different weapons require different types of magazine pouches and slots for magazines.

Are you using only a rifle or just a pistol, or are you carrying both of them? You should also think about your magazine specifics. Different rifles have different magazine shapes and sizes and they won’t fit all pouches. For example, an AR15 pouch differs quite a lot from a Swedish AK4 magazine. The AR15 magazine is a lot longer and slimmer while the AK4 is shorter and wider and won’t fit pouches that are meant for AR15’s.

Your weapon and the magazines it uses will determine the size and overall type of the pouches you will need to carry them in.

2. What is it all for?

mag pouches for battle belt

This might sound a bit strange, but you should ask yourself a really simple question – what is it for, and for what purpose are you using your battle belt? Now this will help determine the type of mag pouch you are going to need.

For example, if you are using the belt system just as a range belt then you might want something that is very easily accessible and allows you to draw your magazines fast. You also won’t need to worry about losing your magazines or getting too much dirt in them.

But if you would be moving around more and working in environments where there is a lot of dust, sand or dirt then you would need something a little bit more secure that would also help keep your magazines clean from dirt and etc.

3. The type of the magazine pouch

mag pouches for battle belt

Magazines and their pouches come in many shapes and sizes. There are four different types of mag pouch designs out there:

Flap mag pouches – These mag pouches have been around for ages and are quite universal. They are quite simple and basic. Flap mag pouches use a flap to keep your magazines in place. The flap usually has either a buckle or a velcro closing system.

They are great for retaining your magazines and for keeping your magazines clean of dirt. But they have poor accessibility which slows down your reload time quite a lot.

Bungee cord mag pouches – These pouches have an open-top design and they use bungee cords to retain magazines in place. Bungee cord mag pouches offer great retention for your magazine while still giving you good access time when reloading.

On the negative side, it’s hard to place empty magazines back into them because they usually don’t retain their shape, and also the bungee cord can get in your way.

Fast mag pouches –  These are typically open-top nylon pouches that use bungee cord and other elastic materials to hold magazines tight.

Just as the name implies they offer fast accessibility but they lack in retention.

Taco pouches – These pouches are a favorite because they offer lightning-fast reloading. In our option, they are the best type of mag pouches for battle belts.

They have pretty much the same open-top design that the fast pouches had. The difference is that Taco pouches have extra polymer strips and brackets in them to help secure your magazines in place.

Plastic mag pouches – These pouches are typically molded out of thermoplastic. They typically have a low-profile open-top design and are very durable. The major downsides to these are that they are made with specific mag sizes in mind (not universal), retention, and they are more difficult to attach these mag pouches to your battle belt.

4.More things to consider

mag pouches for battle belt

There are many other things to consider when choosing the best mag pouches for your battle belt. So let’s take a short overview of all of them in the list below.

  • Retention –  Retention is a very important aspect of choosing the right mag pouch because it determines how well the pouch will hold the magazine. Retention can mean the difference between losing your mags or keeping them.
  • Size – Magazines come in different sizes so make sure you know what size your magazines need to be for the mag pouch that you choose.
  • Durability and material – The durability of a magazine pouch comes down to the construction and material of the mag pouch. Mag pouches that are heavy-duty nylon or Cordura with a rubberized PVC coating will last longer than cheaper materials.
  • Draw speed –  Magazines are pulled from the pouch while running or under fire. The faster you can draw your magazine, the more advantageous it is when in a combat situation
  • Stickiness – Mag pouches that have friction fasteners don’t move around on the belt and stay put well.
  • Insert speed –  It’s important to think about reinsertion as well for empty magazines. With some mag pouches it can be a big challenge, especially softer ones that do not hold their shape.
  • Belt attachment – You will want a mag pouch that can be fitted easily in your battle belt.
  • Profile – Magazine pouches come in different profiles, from super bulky ones to extremely low-profile pouches that are excellent for EDC or for a more minimalist battle belt setup.
  • Color – Another thing to think about is the color of the pouches. You might want a color or camouflage pattern that goes together with your battle belt and the rest of the gear you are carrying.
  • Price – The price of mag pouches can vary quite a lot from just 10 bucks to a hundred. Typically the more expensive ones have a higher quality than the cheaper ones. The cheaper ones are usually made for airsoft players, etc.

The 2 Best rifle mag pouches for battle belts

1.High Speed Gear Rifle Taco Mag Pouch

best mag pouches for battle belts
High Speed Gear TACO Single Rifle Mag Pouch

High Speed Gear Rile TACO pouches are an excellent choice for those who are looking for high quality, durable fast-load open-top Mag Pouch that’s easily fitted on your battle belt.

As we just mentioned these pouches have an open-top design meant to increase accessibility and to speed up for reload time.

The exterior of these pouches is made of a nylon material that stretches if necessary, but it’s reinforced with polymer strips on the sides for extra security. You can also use its bungee cord to tighten up your load and create that perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

The rifle pouch holds its shape even if it’s empty. So they are not only great for fast drawing, but also for inserting empty magazines back to the pouch.

These magazine pouches are ideal for battle belt setups because they are quite universal. You can use these magazine holsters to hold almost any kind of rifle magazine. And besides your rifle mags, these pouches are also great for holding other kinds of tactical gear such as radios, GPS, flashbangs, and pretty much anything else you can fit in them.

You can get the HSGI rifle taco pouch as a single rifle pouch, a side-by-side double, or even a triple pouch or a stacked double pouch. There are even combinations of the HSGI rifle and pistol pouch.

2. Condor Open Top Rifle Mag Pouch

best mag pouches for battle belts
Condor Single Open Top G36 Rifle Magazine Pouch

The condor open-top rifle mag pouches are an excellent budget-friendly option for your battle belt. These magazine holders are rather universal, but not all of them will fit every mag. There are quite a few different versions available for different rifle magazines (M4/M16, G36, M14/AK-4.

Design-wise they are open-top bungee cord magazines. Meaning they have an open top for fast accessibility and reloads and have a bungee cord strap to help keep the mags in place. Also, they come in different profiles and “lengths”. There are shorter ones from which your mag will be sticking out more and then there are deeper or longer pouches that cover more of the mag.

They are made of heavy-duty nylon with a 3-layer wall construction for better shape retention and stability. They have MOLLE-straps on the back so you can easily mount them on your battle belt or any other MOLLE-compatible webbing.

Another neat thing about these is that they have two rows of webbing on the front part of them. So you can attach other tactical equipment or pouches on top of these. You can even combine two rifle pouches by mounting them on each other.

The 2 best pistol mag pouches for battle belts

1. High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Mag Pouch

best mag pouches for battle belts
High Speed Gear Double Pistol Taco Mag Pouch

The High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch is a great choice for your battle belt because it’s one of the most versatile and universal pouches out there.

We love how the TACO pouches safely and securely hold your magazine in place without any need to use loud or obnoxious velcro straps. These mags make use of a bungee cord, elastic materials, and polymer retention tabs to create tension around the magazine. This creates an amazing open-top, easily accessible rapid reload mag pouch that you can carry with ease on any mission!

These magazine pouches are very universal and they can be used to hold any kind of pistol magazines and even other equipment like flashlights and multitools.

There are a few different options out there for how many magazines you want to carry. You can get them as a single, trouble, or even a triple magazine pouch.

In addition, this taco mag pouch is lightweight and easy to use. And you can adjust its retention force with just one hand, even while wearing gloves. This makes it perfect for when life gets really hectic in the middle of combat operations.

2. Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Pistol Mag pouch

best mag pouches for battle belts
Blue Force Gear HW Ten Speed Double Magazine Pouch

The Blue Force Gear’s Ten-Speed pistol magazine pouch is a super durable low-profile open-top pouch excellent for battle belts and also for EDC.

These pouches are super universal, you can use them with pretty much any pistol magazine as well as multitools, flashlights, or other similar gear.

These pouches were designed with military-grade elastic combined with ULTRAcomp to create a multiuse pouch that is lightweight, lays flat when not in use, and can be used for many things. They are made with 1000d CORDURA.

These magazine pouches offer great retention while providing you lighting speed access to your magazines.

In conclusion

Battle belt pouches are a crucial part of any soldier’s arsenal, and finding the best magazine pouch for battle belts is essential to ensure your efficiency.

The most important features that you should consider when buying these pouches include durability, compatibility with your specific weapon (including caliber), ease of access, retention, and how it can be attached to your battle belt.

By taking time to find the right type of magazine pouches for battle belts you will ensure you will have the best chance of success on the battlefield.

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