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10 Best Battle Belts of 2021 – The Ultimate War Belt Review

In this article, we are going to review the 10 best battle belts you can get in 2021. We will talk about war belts in general and take a closer look at what makes each belt so great and why you need one in your arsenal.

We’ve researched and compiled a list for you, so read on to learn about each one in detail. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor survival belt or a multipurpose combat belt that can carry all of your tactical gear, you’ll find it here!

1. Condor Slim Battle Belt

Best battle belt
Condor Slim Battle Belt

The Condor Slim Battle Belt is a lightweight and versatile battle belt that can be worn for extended periods of time. It’s basically an improved and slimmed-down version of the Condor Gen 2 Battle Belt. While it features a slimmer design it doesn’t mean it’s not as spacious as the Gen 2. This is a gear belt that can expand to accommodate any load and has plenty of MOLLE attachment points (two rows) for your pouches or other gear.

The Condor Slim Battle Belt is a sleeve-type belt which means it’s made to be worn with a separate inner belt. This allows you to choose the best kind of inner belt that matches your personal needs.

The belt has four D-rings attached to it – two in the front part and two in the back. The D-rings are made of metal and they are excellent for adding a harness or suspenders.

It comes in three different colors: Olive darb, Black, Coyote brown. Also, you have three different sizes to choose from: Small (35,5 inches), medium ( 39 inches), and large (42 inches)

Another great thing about this belt is that it has two openings on either side of the belt. These make attaching a drop leg holster, a low ride holster, or any kind of a leg panel or harness really simple.

It’s also one of the cheapest options on the market as the price is somewhere around 30 dollars. But don’t let the price fool you – the belt is actually really well made and durable. I have owned one for about three years now and it has been through hell and it’s still in one piece.

The Condor Slim Battle Belt is an excellent battle belt option for those who want a lightweight, budget-friendly, and versatile model with plenty of MOLLE attachment points on it!

2. Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt

Best battle belt
Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt

The Condor LCS (Laser Cut System) Cobra Gun Belt is another great load-bearing belt from Condor. It’s actually the latest Condor battle belt model.

The LCS gun belt is a slim, low-profile option for those who need the absolute best in performance and durability. It’s made with heavy-duty webbing that has an additional layer of scuba webbing to handle any load you throw at it. The Cobra version comes equipped with AustriAlpin’s quick release buckle so your gear can come off fast when necessary.

The cobra LCS battle belt comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The colors offered are: is offered in coyote brown, black, and OD green. The sizes are : Small-Medium (waist size of 30”-32”), Medium-Large (waist size of 34”-36”), and Large-Extralarge (waist size of 38”-40”).

The LCT belts can be used to carry various pieces of gear, while the MOLLE webbing measures 2″ (or 5cm) in width and is compatible with most tactical pouches and holsters.

Another great feature that the Cobra LCS has is a removable anti-slip inner pad which reduces the risk of the belt slipping downwards and provides extra comfort. The inner pad (or inner belt) is attached to the outer MOLLE belt with velcro. It also adds a unique way of mounting MOLLE pouches to the belt – you can place the molle straps of your pouch between the inner and outer belt.

The Condor LCS Cobra version typically sells for around 70 to 80 dollars. But in our option, it’s worth every penny! The Condor LCS Cobra is the perfect combination of price and quality.

3. High Speed Gear Laser Sure-Grip Padded Battle Belt

Best battle belt
HSGI Laser Cut Sure-Grip Padded Battle Belt

The HSGI Laser Cut Sure-Grip Padded battle belt is a very versatile and super durable belt.

The HSGI Laser Cut Sure-Grip Padded battle belt is a very comfortable and durable wrap-around style of combat gear carrier that has been designed for everyday use in military or law enforcement operations.

This HSGI belt is a sleeve-type battle belt (basically a two-piece belt), which means it meant to be worn with a separate inner belt (the inner belt is not included with the product).

This type of model features an inner padding that will reduce any discomfort caused by rubbing on your skin from the belt itself and the MOLLE pouches attached to it. The padding is made out of neoprene and it creates a gel-like comfort feeling while offering excellent grip at the same time. So the belt is excellent for long-time wear.

The belt doesn’t have a traditional MOLLE webbing but it has individual laser-cut PALS panels. Which are basically laser cut holes in it. They are much more durable than regular webbing and they keep your pouches securely locked onto the belt.

It also has a wider backside that features an additional row of laser-cut PALS that offers extra comfort for the wearer and that can be used to attach larger pouches to it.

This battle belt comes in seven different colors, from single colors to different camouflage options. And it comes in four sizes: Small (31.75 inches), medium (37.5 inches), large (42.75 inches), and extra-large (48 inches).

This particular version comes at a price tag of around 120 dollars but we think that’s worth every penny! It offers everything you need

4. Blackhawk Padded Patrol Belt

Best battle belt
Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E Padded Patrol Belt

The Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E Padded Patrol Belt is another great choice if you’re looking for an affordable battle belt with some simple and basic features.

This Blackhawk battle belt is quite durable and is made out of 1000 denier NyTaneon® nylon. It has a 2 1/4 inch webbed belt on the outside of it and a 3/8 inch closed cell foam with Cool Max on the inside.

The inner closed cell foam padding makes it really comfortable and it doesn’t allow the belt to slip or drop down too much when you’re wearing it while it’s loaded up. The closed-cell foam will also not absorb moisture or perspiration.

The belt comes with a durable plastic 2-inch side release buckle in the front. The buckle features a quick release. On both sides of the buckle there are two adjustable pull tabs.

The Blackhawk battle belt comes in a variety of sizes, including extra small (32.5 – 42 inches), small (37 – 43 inches), medium (43 – 49 inches), large (46 -52 inches). A downside of the belt might be the color options because it mostly comes in coyote tan color.

So if you’re looking for a slimmer, more basic, and very budget-friendly (it costs around 35 dollars) battle belt that will get the job done, the Blackhawk battle belt is a great option.

5. VTAC Skirmish Belt With Underbelt

Best battle belt
Viking Tactics Skirmish Belt

The Viking Tactics Skirmish Belt is a quality battle belt that’s been on the top of many people’s best-of lists for years now. All in all, it’s basically an improved version of the VTAC Brokos Battle Belt. They narrowed and slimmed down the design, made it more functional, more comfortable, removed the initial padding, and added an internal belt.

The VTAC Skirmish belt is a two-piece belt. It has an outer belt with molle webbing and a durable heavy-duty internal belt with a “cobra” type fast-release belt buckle. You can get the belt as a set or you can buy the two parts separately. The outer belt is about 4 inches wide while the inner one is 1 3/4 inches wide.

The two belts are attached to each other by velcro. The underbelt has a velcro lining on it and the outer (skirmish) belt has one inside. This means that you could have a few different loadout setups for the outer belt that you can easily switch between.

The Skirmish Belt is a high-quality belt made of 500d Cordura that provides maximum air permeability and minimal water absorption.

There are five different color options for the belt and the skirmish (outer) and underbelt differ in colors. When buying in a set the color combinations are the following: Black and black, Coyote and Coyote, Multicam and black, Multicam and Coyote, and finally the Olivedarb and Olivedarb.

This battle belt comes in four different sizes as well: Medium (33 1/2 inches), large (36 1/2 inches), extra-large (40 inches), and extra-extra-large (43 inches).

This VTAC belt has a bit of a bigger price tag than some other belts on this list. The set can cost you around 180 dollars. The underbelt alone has a price tag of 35 dollars. And the skirmish (outerbelt) can range between 100 and 130 dollars.

 6. 5.11 Combat Belt

Best battle belt
5.11 Combat Belt

The 5.11 Combat Belt is the love child of 5.11 and Viking Tactics that was produced and designed in a harmonious partnership between these two tactical gear giants. 

The 5.11 tactical battle belt was constructed from durable materials that are lightweight to ensure mobility while in combat mode (500d Nylon) as well provides a comfortable fit by using the latest technology such as 3D Spacer Mesh which allows airflow within its fibers rather than stopping it off at the surface allowing sweat evaporation keeping you cool all day long, along with an awesome wrap Around MOLLE Web Platform x4s system.

Just like many other battle belts on this list, this one is a sleeve type as well, meaning it’s meant to be worn with a separate inner belt. It can be worn with any belt that is up to 2 1/4 inches wide.

It’s also one of the most comfortable war belts on the market. It has an ergonomic shape (with polyester shapes) that is wider on the backside than in the front. This helps spread the load evenly around your waist area and helps reduce hip pressure. It also makes wearing larger pouches on the back of the belt more comfortable.

The belt comes mainly in two colors- black and sandstone. It is available in three different sizes: small/medium (26.5 inches), large/extra-large (33 inches), and extra-extra-large (which is a whopping 42 inches long).

This 5.11 battle belt costs around 70 to 80 dollars but its is worth every penny.

7. Safariland Low Profile Battle Belt

Best battle belt
Safariland Low Profile MOLLE Battle Belt

The Safariland Low Profile MOLLE Battle Belt is a great and durable belt. Safariland is well known in the tactical gear world as a superior quality brand and it really shows off here.

As the name implies this is a low-profile battle belt that sits down lower on your waist. This is great if you are looking for a belt that has a simpler design and doesn’t interfere with other body gear.

The belt is also quite slim, measuring only 2 inches (50 mm) wide yet it still has enough MOLLE rows (two to be precise) to securely add any kind of pouches to it. The fact that it’s only two inches wide is actually a great feature because it allows you to easily attach most of the standard belt-mounted holsters to it. Together the low profile design and the slim width make it a great belt for use as a battle/combat belt, duty belt, or even as an EDC belt.

The Safariland low profile battle belt provides non-slip stability necessary for reducing back strain and general discomfort frequently caused by loose-fitting, drooping, and weighted-down belts. Weight is distributed evenly on the hip so you can move with ease without feeling weighed down or hindered in any way!

The belt has a superior AustriAlpin Cobra belt buckle (an epic quick-release buckle). That can withstand forces up to 9kN straight and up to 18kN looped. Thats a massive one to 2 tonnes of force (950 to 1800 kilograms!!).

It comes in seven different sizes from small to 4x-large but it’s available only in two colors:  Black and dark earth brown.

Now Safariland is a more pricer tactical gear brand as we all know so the belt is priced around 120-140 dollars. But considering the quality of this belt, it’s worth it!

8. Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

Best battle belt
Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

The Grey Ghost Gear UGF battle belt is a great high-quality lightweight two-piece belt. It features a slim minimalist design and style made for shooters and true warriors. 

So let’s start here with the two-piece setup. This battle belt system made out of a 1.5 inch wide inner padded belt that externally covered with a velcro coating and a 2-inch wide outer belt that has the MOLLE webbing the exterior and velcro in the interior. The two belts are attached to each other by velcro.

The outer belt has multiple attachment points that make it fully customizable. The MOLLE webbing on the belt is super durable and really tight, so it keeps your equipment secure.

The inner belt has three loops attached to it as well for attaching suspenders to it. The loops are meant to be used primarily with UGF suspenders.

The belt has a sturdy cobra quick-release belt buckle that can withstand a lot of force.

It comes in four different colors: Black, Multicam, Ranger Green, and Coyote Brown, and the sizes range from small to extra-large. The belt system is priced around 160-180 dollars.

9. KRYDEX Quick Release Rigger MOLLE Belt

Best battle belt
KRYDEX Quick Release Rigger MOLLE Belt

If you are looking for a very simple, budget-friendly, and a slim battle belt, then the KRYDEX Quick Release Rigger MOLLE Belt might be the right fit for you.

The KRYDEX Quick Release Rigger belt is a two-piece belt. It has a MOLLE outer belt a soft comfortable inner belt. The two belts are attached to each other with velcro.

This battle belt is probably the slimmest belt on this list as the outer MOLLE belt is only 1.75 inches wide and the inner belt only 1.5 inches. This makes it a very versatile belt that can be worn for multiple purposes. It makes a great everyday carry belt, range belt, full-on combat belt, or even a great daily belt to keep your pants up.

Also, the slimmer width means you can easily attach any belt-mounted holster to it.

The MOLLE webbing on the outer belt is very stiff and tight which is great for keeping your tactical gear and accessories secured but it can be quite a hassle to weave pouch straps through.

The outer belt has a sturdy metal quick release buckle that makes removing the belt super fast and simple.

It comes in black, coyote brown, and ranger green color and the sizes are small (30-33 inches), medium (34-37 inches), and large (38 to 41 inches).

With a price of just 40 to 50 dollars it is one of the cheapest options for this type of battle belt system.

10. OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt

Best battle belt
OneTigris Tactical Molle Patrol Belt

The OneTigris Tactical Molle Patrol Belt is a sturdy and cost-effective belt. It’s a two-piece belt that has the classic battle belt design and look to it. It is very similar to the Condor Gen 2 battle belt.

This battle belt is made out of 1000D nylon, which makes it durable and comfortable for any tactical use.

The exterior of the belt sleeve has three MOLLE rows that you can easily attach any kind of pouches or tactical gear to. The interior (the part that is on your body) of the sleeve has a layer of soft padding for comfortablity. It also has two openings on the bottom on each side. These are creat for attaching a low-rise or a drop leg holster to the belt inside.

The belt that goes inside the sleeve is made of the same nylon material and has a velcro exterior layer. The belt buckle is made out of strong plastic.

There are two different adjustable sizes available: medium (31-38.5 inches) and large (36-44 inches). The OneTigris padded patrol belt is priced at just around 35 dollars.

All in all the OneTigris padded patrol belt is a great airsoft battle belt but maybe not the best option for an on-duty or combat use belt. But then again I do know people who have used these belts on the field and can swear by them.

How to choose the best battle belt?

Best battle belt

There are many different battle belt options available so choosing one can be difficult sometimes. There are many things you should consider when choosing and buying one. So let’s take a look at some key points you should consider in order to choose the best war belt for yourself.

What do you need it for?

The first and most important question to ask yourself is what are you going to use the belt for? This will determine the size, material, type, and even the price of your new battle belt. You should be aware that some belts are more suitable for a specific purpose than others.

So are you gonna use the belt for airsoft, hunting, as a range belt, EDC belt, on duty, or even in real combat situations?

If you are going to use the belt for airsoft, hunting, or as a range (EDC) belt then you have more options than if you are using it for on-duty or combat.

If the belt will be used in a real-life situation, then your first priority is to get something that can hold up against some of the toughest conditions and still last without breaking down or falling apart over time.

Battle belt type

This might come as a surprise to some but battle belts have actually a few different types.

  1. Tactical belt – These are a more general type of belt. They are not typically designed for a specific purpose or use, but you can usually find one that will suit your needs if not exactly serve the intended task perfectly. They come both with and without MOLLE webbing.
  2. Tactical belt with a modular sleeve – This one is a two-piece belt system that is made out of an inner belt (usually a quick release tactical belt) and a modular sleeve with MOLLE webbing.
  3. One-piece MOLLE belt – And finally you have the classical one-piece MOLLE battle belt that is a heavy-duty wide belt that is covered in MOLLE webbing.

Battle belts also have also two different profiles, there are low-profile belts that are usually slimmer and don’t extend too much above your waistline, and then there are high-profile belts that are wider, bulkier and extend a lot more upwards compared to the low profile one.

Other things you need to consider:

  • The material of the battle belt –  Battle belts are usually made out of nylon, or ballistic material.
  • The width of the belt – Some battle belts are wider than others and have better support for heavier loads.
  • The height above your waistline – Taller people will need a higher profile battle belt to be able to wear their gear comfortably while shorter people might want to go with one that is lower on the hips.You might want to invest in a low-profile battle belt when you are using the belt with a plate carrier or other body armor. 
  • Color – There are battle belts in a number of different colors be it single color or camouflage, giving you the option to choose one that fits your personal needs.
  • The belt’s durability – The best battle belts will last for years and don’t sag or look worn out even after heavy usage.
  • Price – Battle belts range in prices from $25 to over $200 depending on their quality and features.
  • The belt buckle – The buckle should be a durable, heavy-duty belt buckle that doesn’t break easily even after years of use.
  • The MOLLE webbing –  The best belts have MOLLE webbing that is made with heavy-duty, high-quality nylon and can be comfortably used to carry all of your tactical gear and pouches.  Some belts have a laser-cut version of this.
  • Length –  Length of the belt is another crucial factor for choosing the right belt. If the belt is too small it won’t just fit you but If the belt is too large it can cause you a lot of problems.
  • The weight – The best battle belts weigh less than two pounds so they don’t add too much additional weight on your waistline that could make you uncomfortable or cause injury.
  • Durability  – The belt should be made of high-quality material such as tough nylon with a metal buckle and have lots of MOLLE webbing for carrying pouches, which means the belt can last for years even after heavy use. A durable belt also has reinforced stitching at contact points like where it crosses over itself when worn around the body.
  • Grip – You need a belt that sits nice and tight around your waist and doesn’t slip down your body.
  • Space on the belt – You should make sure it has enough space to fit all of your gear.

In Conclusion

Battle belts are essential pieces of gear that provide easy access to critical and mission essential items and tactical gear such as your shooting and medical gear. Choosing the right battle belt that fits all your needs is arguably one of the best investments you can make to ensure your safety and survival and it’s the best way to stay prepared and ready for combat.

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